1694F Digital Video Coaxial Cable (1000′, Black)

Product Highlights

  • Transmission Distance – up to 1580'
  • RG-6/U Type
  • Sweep Test Rating – 4.5GHz
  • 19 AWG Bare Copper
  • Foam Polyethylene Insulation
  • Copper Braid Shielding
  • Scratch-Resistant Matte PVC Jacket


Provides serial digital transmission distance of up to 1580' (481.5m)


Easy to route through building walls, conduit in studio settings, and other fixed installations
RG-6/U Type Low Loss Serial Digital coaxial cable
Flexible version of 1694A industry standard
Sweep test rating of 4.5GHz – allows cable offer high return loss performance
Return loss measures the signals that are reflected, due to presence of impedance discontinuities in the channel
Features a 19 AWG bare copper (compacted), stranded center conductor
Foam polyethylene insulation provides advance impedance stability and return loss characteristics
Double tinned copper braid shielding provides 100 dB of shield isolation and improved flex characteristics
Scratch resistant matte PVC jacket prevents the cable from breaking under adverse circumstances like pulling, flexing, bending, and crushing
Incorporates improved physical and electrical characteristics making it suitable for applications such as patch bays usage, mobile studio trucks, and remote outdoor field locations
Can be used for AES-3id (Audio Engineering Society standard) applications