526-1 Fluid Video Head with 545GB Tripod & Carrying Bag

Manfrotto 526,545GBK-1 Overview

The 526-1 Fluid Video Head with 545GB Tripod & Carrying Bag Kit from Manfrotto bundles the 526-1 Fluid Head with the 545GB Pro Aluminum Tripod, a floor spreader, and a soft carrying bag. The 526-1 Fluid Head features the 357PLV-1 Sliding Plate with secure, two-screw mounting and includes both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 screws.

  • 526-1 Professional Fluid Video Head


    The 526-1 Professional Fluid Video Head from Manfrotto supports camera rigs up to 35 lb and includes the 357PLV-1 sliding plate with secure, two-screw 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 mounting. Controls are placed at the operator's left side, and the rosette-mounted pan arm can be easily removed or replaced if necessary.

    This head features fluid drag with three levels each of pan and tilt as well as a zero-drag setting for whip-pans and fast tilts. Counterbalance is continuously variable for weights ranging from 17.5 to 33 lb. The 526-1 mounts via its 100mm ball and can be leveled using the bright bubble.


    357PL-1 sliding camera plate mounts securely using two screws, either 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 (included)
    Supports payloads up to 35 lb
    Pro-style features include left-side controls and a removable pan handle
    Continuously adjustable counterbalance, three steps plus zero setting of pan and tilt drag
    Bright bubble level for easy adjustments