8020C Active Two-Way 4″ Studio Monitor (Single)

Product Highlights

  • 4" Woofer, 3/4" Tweeter
  • 20W Bass Amplifier, 20W Treble Amplifier
  • Curved Edges Reduce Distortions
  • Wide On and Off Axis Response
  • Auto Switching to Standby Saves Power
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Iso-Pod Table Stand Reduces Vibration
  • Ideal for Small Spaces


An included Iso-Pod table stand insulates the speaker from vibration and enables you to tilt its position upward or downward


Well-suited for near-field studio monitoring, editing suites, small control rooms, surround sound applications, multimedia entertainment systems, and production vehicles
Rear-facing Tone Controls enable you to optimize the speaker to its environment
Multiple mounting options: 3/8" threaded hole on base, threaded holes for Omnimount brackets, and an included keyhole wall-mount adapter
More compatible mounting accessories are separately available
Front-facing volume knob
Active crossover filters
Driver unit protection circuitry
Fully magnetically shielded