AD-1S Camera Control Adapter for MCU-200S Unit

The Datavideo AD-1S Camera Control Adapter allows you to operate camera functions from up to 984 ft (300 m) away with the Datavideo MCU-200S unit. This adapter connects the MCU-200S via RJ-45 cabling to the chosen Sony camera. It changes the RJ-45 connection to a Sony CAM/BS cable and multi-pin connector. It also features a BNC type Composite (CV) output which can be taken to an SD monitor on or near the camera. This Composite output can be used for confidence and composition monitoring and in some cases to view the camera's own LCD/OSD menus too. (Please note, this feature is camera model and firmware dependant.)

The AD-1S adapter has a built in touch-fastener strap so that the unit can be quickly mounted in a convenient location on or near the camera. A micro USB 2.0 port is available for transfer of firmware updates to the unit.

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