DVK-300HD Chromakeyer and Dual Color Chromakey System Kit with Retro-Reflective Cloths

Product Highlights

  • For Real-Time HD or SD Chromakeying
  • PC Compatible/Includes DVKey HD Software
  • Output to Switcher, Recorder, Projector
  • Noise Reduction/Color Spill Processing
  • Edge Brightness Control
  • Post-Processing Image Correction
  • HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, DVI-I Inputs
  • Blue/Green LEDs, 3 Reflective Screens
  • Brightness Control, Remote Control Mode
  • Adapter Rings to Fit Various Lenses

The DVK-300HD Chromakeyer and Dual Color Chromakey System Kit from Datavideo bundles their DVK-300HD Chromakeyer and Dual Color Chromakey System with three retro-reflective backdrop cloths. This package provides the tools needed to make a professional-looking chromakey presentation in the studio or on location.

The DVK-300HD allows you to use your PC to create real time HD or SD Chromakeying using the included DVKey HD Software, which is designed to work with Windows 8, 7 and XP. Shoot your HDMI or SDI video and feed it into the Chromakeyer. Foreground and background are entered separately and can be layered to produce the final images you desire. Post-processing features allow you to make changes to the foreground brightness, contrast and color saturation. Final productions can be output to any video output device, such as a switcher, recorder, or projector. The Chromakeyer incorporates noise reduction, color spill processing, and a garbage mask feature that eliminates bad edges. Additionally, signal LEDs display the your input format. The system operates on 110-220 VAC power via the included adapter.

The Dual Color Chromakey System features a dual-color blue and green LED light ring with a controller for switching between the 2 colors. Three included 3.0 x 8.0' retro-reflective backdrop cloths/screens permit the LEDs to be projected back to the camera at up to 75° off-axis. These cloths can be used individually or joined via their touch-fastener attachments to create a single larger background. The screen material contains glass beads to enhance the reflective qualities. The LEDs themselves are effective to a range of about 32'. The light ring has a 72mm filter thread diameter for attachment to 72mm lenses, and the included 52mm and 82mm stepping rings allow it to be adapted for mounting on lenses with threads matching those sizes. The system features two video inputs: foreground and background. The power supply with built-in dimmer control enables you to adjust the brightness of the LED ring. The RS-232 interface enables remote control functionality using the DVK-300HD Chromakeyer.