IK Multimedia iKlip A/V Smartphone Grip with Integrated Mic Pre amp

IK Multimedia IP-IKLIP-AV-IN Overview

The iKlip A/V from IK Multimedia is a sturdy handheld grip for smartphones that features a built-in microphone preamp as part of its construction. It comes stocked with a side clip for wireless systems, should you choose to utilize those. Conversely, you can opt to plug a microphone straight into the iKlip's XLR input, and once connected, connect the microphone into your smartphone's mini-jack via a 1/8" cable. The unit runs on two AA batteries.

Don't let the lower-case "i" in the name fool you: the adjustable vice grip is compatible with android devices, iOS devices, or any smartphone with a screen size between 3.5" and 6". Its preamp supports 48V phantom power and sports controls to change the gain, thus allowing the smartphone holder to control the volume of the microphone in use. Such a feature renders this unit suitable for on-the-go reporting, improved home videography, and the burgeoning business of the iPhone motion picture. With two AA batteries, it can last between 20 to 60 hours at a clip, depending on whether or not you're using phantom power.

Key Features

  • XLR mic preamp with 48V phantom power and gain control
  • Integrated wireless-receiver support
  • Headphone output to monitor sound in real-time
  • Features tripod- and camera-mount threads
  • Includes 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS cable