In-Line XLR DC to DC 9-12V Converter

Product Highlights

  • 15-50 VDC Input via 4-Pin XLR
  • 7.2/12 VDC Output
  • 4-Pin XLR and 5.5mm PSU Connectors

The Datavideo In-Line XLR DC to DC 9-12V Converter converts unregulated 15-50 volts DC from a 4-pin XLR source to regulated 7.2 or 12 volts DC over 5.5mm PSU or 4-pin XLR output.


Supports 48V for use with PD-6


9-30V XLR Input connections
2.1mm Locking Collar DC Output
Automatically accepts input voltages between 15 and 50V DC to provide regulated 7.2 or 12 VDC output depending on its output switch setting
Options for either 4pin XLR or 5.5mm PSU type output connections