ITC-100 8-User Wired Intercom System with 8 Beltpacks & 8 Headsets

Product Highlights

  • 8-Channels
  • 1RU Base Station
  • Includes 8 XLR Beltpacks and 8 Headsets
  • 8 x Tally Lights
  • 8 x 65' XLR Cables
  • All Call and Mute Controls
  • Gooseneck Microphone and LED Light
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Locking Power Connectors
  • 8-Channels
  • Operator package for up to 8 users; includes beltpack, headset, 65' XLR cable, and tally lights
  • Built-in speaker
  • 21V light socket
  • Gooseneck microphone and LED light
  • Locking power connectors

The ITC-100 8-User Wired Intercom System with 8 Beltbacks & 8 Headsets from Datavideo is a practical eight remote-user and base station intercom system with tally lights. Up to 8 users can be connected to the ITC-100 via wired beltpacks. Eight beltpacks, eight headsets, eight 65' XLR cables, and eight tally lights are all included. Beltpacks are connected to the base station by 5-pin 65' (20m) 5-pin XLR cables, which may be extended up to 650' (200m). The base station features call and mute buttons, a mic input, built-in speaker, and standard headphone jacks.

For use with Datavideo SE-500, HS-500, SE-600, SE-2000, SE-2800, and SE-3000, optional adapter cables are necessary.