KRK10s 10″ 225W Powered Subwoofer

Product Highlights
  • Sweepable Low Pass Filter
  • Bypass Feature

Add powerful, punchy low range frequencies to your nearfield monitor setup with the KRK10s 10" 225W Powered Subwoofer from KRK Systems. This compact subwoofer has curved edges just like KRK's Rokit and VXT monitors and yellow glass-aramid composite woofer with a front firing port for accurate bass frequency reproduction. With its bypass feature and sweepable 50-130Hz low-pass filter, the KRK10s will make any monitor system sound great.

Great Looks and Sound

The KRK10s uses KRK's trademark yellow glass-aramid composite woofer and curved edge design for powerful, punchy bass in a cabinet that will complement your studio
Bypass Feature
Connect any standard latching footswitch with 1/4" connector and bypass your subwoofer during mixing to instantly hear how your subwoofer is affecting the mix
Ported in all the Right Places
Many subwoofers place their port in the rear creating bass-coupling with walls and corners, which can color your mix. The KRK10s has a specially shaped port for reduced port turbulence extended accuracy, even at high SPLs
Sweepable Low-Pass Filter
With its Sweepable Low-Pass Filter with settings from 50-130Hz, the KRK10s can help any monitor system sound great