LanParte Blackmagic Design 6K Full Camera Cage With 501 Quick Release Plate


  • For both BMPCC6K and BMPCC4K cameras
  • Compact design for different shooting scenes
  • Does not block air vents, controls, card and battery doors
  • Custom Manfrotto 501 quick release plate
  • Universal top handle with NATO rail adaptor
  • With Samsung T5 SSD clamp



The Lanparte BMPCC6K-C camera cage uses a compact modular design. It enables the user to switch the kit to a different shooting style in different types of scenes. The whole kit consists of 2 parts.

1. Custom fitted Camera cage for BMPCC 6K and 4K models

2. Universal top handle with NATO rail adaptor


Camera cage: The cage is customized, which perfectly matches the 6K or 4K camera bodies and grip. There are guides for mounting the camera without the camera twisting using the included custom 501 plate. The cameraman can remove the camera body from the cage in seconds and put it on a 501 plate compatible tripod. It won’t get stuck in the cage like older cages on the market.

There are plenty of the 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 thread holes on each side to cage body to attach to other devices such as microphones, recorders, monitors, magic arms, lights, etc. Also there are offset 1/4”-20 screw holes on the bottom for the Ronin-S gimbal.

There is a cold shoe mount on the right side of the cage and a bubble level. There is access to all the ports on the camera and it does not block any air vents or controls. The included 501 plate does not block air vents as well.


Top handle: The top handle is connected to the cage by the standard NATO rail system. Furthermore, it has 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 thread holes on both sides to connect to other devices such as a magic arm, etc. The cold shoe mount in the front of the handle is for Microphone mounting. Also, there is a 200mm aluminum 15mm rod.


The quick release and modular design helps you in the future when you change cameras in that you can keep the other gear you bought from Lanparte and just change the cage. 


This is easy to add to the cage and slides on without a fuss. There is also an option to attach it on the side of the camera for portrait mode (if that’s the way you roll).


This is the winner as a general rule, cages can give us a lot of options to add accessories but sometimes, getting the camera in and out can be, well, a challenge. Moving from cage to gimbal or tripod and back can often mean a complete stop to disassemble the cage, but not with the Lanparte cage. We have cleverly added a quick-release system that is, as it states, quick but without feeling like compromising anything. There’s a latch on one side and then a quick-release button and voila, out of the cage. It does also come with a thumbscrew to secure it on top of the camera if you know that it’s going to be in the cage all day so you get the benefit of security too.