Manual Friction Adjustable Zoom Controller 0.6 Mod

Product Highlights

  • Manual Zoom Controller
  • Mounts to a Single 15mm Rod
  • Adjustable Zoom Drag
  • 3 x Positions for the Zoom Lever
  • For Lenses with 0.6 Mod

Providing you with the ability to adjust the friction drag of zoom lenses, the Manual Friction Adjustable Zoom Controller 0.6 Mod from LanParte mounts to your 15mm support rod and engages with your lenses compatible zoom gear. The built in friction drag adjustment allows you to increase the drag on a zoom lens, which can be helpful when making long, slow, smooth zooms. You can also dial the friction to off, freeing the lens from any additional drag from the unit. This controller is completely manual and features a zoom lever that you can attach to the controller at three different positions.

This unit is designed for lenses that feature a zoom gear with a 0.6 Mod such as Fujinon lenses.


This is a zoom controller that allows you to add variable drag to your compatible zoom lens.