RT-223 – Drum and Bass Rhythm Generator

The Zoom RT-223 is a battery operated, lightweight portable Rhythm and Bass drum machine. It is designed for live performance DJ pattern generation and arrangement, personal song creation and composition, or studio use as a sound layering solution.

Lightweight, low-profile portable drum machine with backlit, touch-sensitive pads
70 Drum Kits, 213 preset sound selection appropriate to all styles and genres of music
12 built-in Bass presets including Acoustic, Electric and Synth
440 preset Style patterns from all musical genres; Groove Play pad assignment easily and quickly assigns any pattern to any pad for live performance triggering or song arrangement
FAST(Formula Assisted Song Translator) song creation function uses +, -, and x symbols asd commands to simplify song arrangement, speeds up process for songs with many repeated patterns, sequences
Intuitive, ergonomic work surface design with mostly single function pad and keypad control assignments
Built-in multi-band compressor/EQ and insertable reverbs and multi-effects
MIDI In with MIDI Clock support for synchronized play with other external MIDI sequencers or drum machines
Line input accepts external audio from playback devices such as CD's or minidiscs, and instruments such as guitar or bass via an effect output