SE-2800 Video Switcher with up to 8 SDI, HDMI, or CV Inputs

Product Highlights

  • Multi-Definition Video Switcher
  • Menu Selectable SDI, HDMI, CV Inputs
  • Audio Embedding Support
  • 2x HDMI Multi-View Preview Outputs
  • PAL or NTSC Compatible
Video Inputs (Menu Selectable)
8x HD/SD-SDI or
6x HD/SD-SDI + 2x HDMI or
4x HD/SD-SDI + 4x CV or
4x HD/SD-SDI + 2x CV + 2x HDMI or
2x HD/SD-SDI + 4x CV + 2x HDMI

*Upgradable with 4 additional BNC ports to support 12 total inputs

The Datavideo SE-2800 Video Switcher is a multi-definition switcher designed for event requiring up to 8 SD or HD input sources. This switcher is able to accept 8 total inputs in varying combinations of Interlaced SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and CV sources. Input configurations are selectable via the internal menu.