VBP-01 Sony V-Mount Battery Pinch with HDMI Splitter

The VBP-01 Sony V-Mount Battery Pinch with HDMI Splitter from Lanparte is a multi-function power adapter. You can mount a Sony V-mount type battery as your power source, or connect the unit to AC power via the included power adapter. The VBP-01 features multiple DC outputs (5, 7.2, 12, and 15V), enabling you to power multiple devices simultaneously; for instance, the 12V output can be used for powering a monitor; the 5V for powering a signal switch machine such as an SDI to HDMI converter; and the 7.2V for powering a DSLR. The Battery Pinch also features two 15mm rod connectors, allowing you to mount it to an existing rig. In addition to being a multi-power supply, the Battery Pinch also functions as an HDMI splitter capable of dividing a single HDMI stream into two outputs. The DC barrel charger input allows you to charge the mounted battery. The VPB-01 works best in conjunction with the Shoulder Pad; these two items attached to your rig serve as a counter-balance weight.

Smart charging function
V-mount lock
Built-in HDMI splitter
15mm Rod connectors
USB charging port for Iphone and Ipad
Can be mounted to the back of the rig as counter-weight