VMS-01 V-Mount Shoulder Support

The VMS-01 V-Mount Shoulder Support from Lanparte is a shoulder support designed to enable you to carry your camera on your shoulder. It comes with a VMP-01P base plate, and features a quick release system that enables you to mount/remove the camera easily, as well as slide the camera forwards and backwards to adjust its position. The shoulder support can be mounted on the Sony VCT-14 Quick-Release Tripod Adapter. The rod height adjustment function of the VMS-01 lets you regulate the space between the lens and the matte box; the adjustable height of the rod connectors and the the 1/4" & 3/8" threads make this unit compatible with a variety of equipment.

V-Mount lock on bottom of shoulder support
Quick-release system with safety trigger
Mountable on VCT-14 via the tail lock
Adjustable rod height
15mm Rod connectors
Ergonomic shoulder pad
Spirit level
CNC machined
Hollow design, lightweight at 3 lb