VSM100 Vectorscope / Waveform Monitor with 2 Screens


Product Highlights
  • 1 Vectorscope/Waveform Monitor

The Datavideo VSM100 Vectorscope Monitor with 2 Screens is a sophisticated system that allow users to easily ensure the stability of incoming video signals and recorded video quality from a connected recorder and cameras through two 4.3" monitors to display and monitor high-quality images. When equipped with sampling vector scope, it can accurately assist camera calibration, ensure precise B&W Balance calibration, support color saturation, and enable luminance adjustment.



Each monitor has a HD-SDI video input with loop-through output
Individual adjustments of Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, and Backlight Level for each monitor
Front panel headphone jacks
Audio indicator
Support embedded audio on SDI & HDMI
HD / SD-SDI, and HDMI Input
4:3 & 16:9 display mode switching / PAL & NTSC auto switching


Sampling Vector Scope

Rugged and compact single unit that requires only an HD-SDI or HDMI monitor
Menu choice of Vectorscope, Histogram, Waveform, and Parade displays as well as clean Video Display output (SDI to HDMI conversion)
SDI / HD-SDI loop through can provide clean pictures or video scope view
Automatically detects and locks to NTSC, PAL, or HD signals
Embedded SDI audio peak meter with selectable monitoring for 4 stereo pairs
Switchable 4:3 / 16:9 video thumbnail when input signal is SD-SDI
Headphone jack audio monitoring socket with menu-based volume control
Save and Recall trace menu options for quick and easy overlay comparison of video traces
Parade Display can be toggled between RGB and YCbCr
Vector scope can be toggled between 75% and 100% graticules/bars
Waveform detail can be zoomed 20%, 40%, 60%, and 100%; various parts of the waveform can then be viewed by changing the X Delay value
Capture sampling by Field 1, Field 2, or Frame
12VDC operation makes the unit suitable for field or studio operation